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Animal Hoarders

There’s nothing wrong with loving animals and wanting to care for them.  But when your beloved pets are literally overrunning your household, they create problems not only for you, but for themselves as well. You may have started out as a harmless humanitarian with a heart for rescues and strays, or perhaps you live alone and have always found animals to be your best companions, bringing more of them into your home over the years. Overtime however, you may have created an environment where you have too many pets than you can care for.

Main Characteristics

Animal Hoarding is having a more-than-usual amount of pets, for example, 100 cats in a 2 bedroom NYC apartment. Not all animal hoarders have cats, some have pigeons or bunnies for example. Animal Hoarding is illegal in New York, because one can not possibly provide all their pets with minimal standards, such as nutrition, sanitation, and shelter. It is considered animal cruelty, even though it came from a place of love. Although they may love their pets, they are not able to properly care for them all, which results in illness and unfortunately death.


Even if you spend your entire day tending to them, their constant needs might prove too demanding and it may be difficult to keep their food and water supply consistent. To compound the problem, they will likely make a habit of relieving themselves in inappropriate areas and destroying articles of furniture. Moreover, when the attention due pets is compromised, a common result is a lack of proper medical care. It is important for you and for them that they find an owner who can provide them with adequate attention so that they can lead long, healthy lives, and to enable you to regain control of your home.

Our solution for Animal Hoarders

Giving up your pets may seem like giving up the very core of your existence.  Most likely, you have many concerns–that life will seem unbearably empty without your animals, that they will be sent to an uncaring home, or that they won’t be able to find  a home.

We understand the issues you have to contend with, but it’s important to understand why we’re here: not to get rid of your most precious companions, but to improve their lives while allowing you to live yours.  The City of New York only allows five pets per household. For the rest, we’ll do our best to locate homes that will give them the love and attention they need. We’ll even take pictures and put out advertisements to find a new owner, or we can contact any family members who might be interested in taking them in so you can be sure of their proper placement.

Do your pets have a tendency to run, and you’re afraid we won’t be able to even catch them? Not to worry. We work with a veterinarian who specializes in safely catching pets.