3 Decades of helping people move forward

Hoarders 911 is an award winning heavy duty cleaning company, that provides hoarders and their families with compassionate, discrete and comprehensive services. With nearly 3 decades of experience, there’s no mess we haven’t seen. We understand the needs, fears, and mentality of hoarders; and have a solution for each type of hoarding condition. In fact, over the years, we created our own classifications, and pioneered our own method, known as our 7 Step Solution, which is tailored to the individual client. Often times, a hoarder’s home poses a public threat, such as infestation, fire hazard, or building damage, and police or social services will step in. We are available 24/7 for all types of emergencies.

Heavy Duty Cleaning

for homes and businesses

Our amazing team

Hoarding is a mental health issue known as disposophobia, or fear of disposing of one’s items. Our company has been working with hoarders and their families well before hoarding was even classified as a mental disorder by the Department of Health. Our team cleaned up the dust at Ground Zero, following the devastation of 9/11 terror attacks that hit New York in 2001. We are available 24/7 for all types of hoarding and cleaning disasters. Our goal is to help those struggling with hoarding disorders, from mild to severe, to declutter and have a fresh start. Helping them recover and start fresh is our “Why?”
Founder and CEO

Nicole Levine

Starting from a humble beginning as a cleaner herself, Nicole Levine founded Hoarders 911 and it’s 5 sister companies.
Chief Marketing Officer

Vanesa Lavine

Ms. Levine leads the digital team with her creative vision, and is responsible for developing effective marketing strategies
Chief Operating Officer

Cindy Nackstary

Cindy manages day to day operations working closely together with our contracted long term care managed providers
Field Manager

Hanan Edery

Hanan oversees the day to day service operations and works directly in the field with our team doing project management.
Executive Assistant

Dona Ismajli

As the HCH Customer Care Executive, Dona oversees the directing of all client inquiries to the proper channels in a timely fashion.
Account Executive


Mr. Shapiro serves as the Director of Global and Domestic Logistics Inbound Area Manager, Outbound Area Manager.


In her capacity as administrator, Iris oversees and supervises on site personnel, data and financial management.
Administrative Assistant

Denise Despasito

Denise works closely with our customer support team to ensure that all clients receive the proper attention in a timely fashion.

Our mission is to build a cleaner tomorrow with expertise, respect and ethics.

Our core values

Quality of service

We are proud to always find the best solutions for our clients.


We take your privacy seriously in every step of the way.


We believe caring makes a difference


We respect you and your home, always.