Common Pests Found in a Hoarder’s House

Introduction Unnecessary items are not the only thing you’ll find in a hoarder’s home. Amongst all that clutter, there are bound to be a few unwanted guests crawling around as well. How hoarding can lead into pest infestation Household pests are attracted to all sorts of things. Some may be drawn to the smell of […]

Common Characteristics of Compulsive Hoarding

Introduction Hoarding disorder is a serious mental illness that drives the person suffering to compulsively collect. Knowing the symptoms is the first step towards identifying a problem and creating a plan to help your loved one recover. What is hoarding disorder Compulsive hoarding occurs in individuals who experience a chronic obsession with keeping and acquiring […]

What is the Difference of Hoarding and Collecting

Introduction Many people will refer to themselves as collectors, or pack rats, but seldom few will openly admit to being a hoarder. So, what exactly is the difference? Finding out is key to identifying a problem. What is the behavior behind collecting?  Although some collectors might be holding onto something special for its potential future […]

Cleaning a Hoarder’s House: Step-by-Step Guide

Helping a hoarder clean their home is a big job, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Create a step-by-step plan for your hoarding cleanup and be ready for anything. Things to remember before doing hoarding clean up It’s important to assess the situation before running in there and throwing everything away. Hoarding disorder is not as […]

Can Hoarding Cause Health Problems?

Introduction | What is Hoarding? Hoarding is a mental illness defined by the sufferer’s compulsive need to amass anything and everything they can get their hands on. Collections tend to spiral out of control, causing entire rooms of the home to be unusable, and in extreme cases resulting in structural damage. Hoarders feel intense stress […]

How to Help a Parent Who Has Hoarding Disorder

Introduction Types of hoarding disorder People are moved to collect different things, so naturally there are different types of hoarders to consider. Some hoarders might struggle to let go of the mail, or other important documents, while some might have a huge accumulation of trash recycling. Animal hoarders can find themselves in legal trouble if […]

10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Hoarding Cleanup Service

Introduction Hoarding can be a challenge to overcome for both hoarders and their loved ones. But with the right assistance, and a little understanding, a hopeful solution isn’t far away. Why do people hoard? There is not just one, clear-clut reason that someone might hoard. Hoarding disorder is a severe, complex mental illness that can […]

A Day in the Life: Compulsive Hoarding & Clutter Clean-up

Hoarders911 Clutter Cleaning specializes in hoarder cleanup and junk removal. We offer a variety of services, from clutter cleanup to rubbish removal and fumigation, which allows the client to restore and improve their quality of life within their home. While we acknowledge that hoarding is a psychological disorder, we are able to work in close […]

5 Stages of Hoarding Disorder

Back to top Hoarding disorder causes the people who have it to obsessively accumulate and cling to personal belongings. Their excessive collection can often grow to the point of overrunning their homes. Many of the items in a hoarder’s collection might be broken, soiled, or otherwise unusable. Yet, despite the functionality of the items they […]

How to Convince Your Loved Ones Who Hoard to Get Rid of Stuff

Back to top Sometimes a deep cleaning can help reinvigorate a home. It feels great to downsize, and reorganize the home for a fresh start. However, people with the condition known as hoarding disorder do not enjoy the same revitalizing feeling from clutter cleaning  and organizing as the average person. Instead, the feelings of extreme […]