What To Do if Someone You Love is Struggling with Hoarding

Knowing your friend or family member has a problem with hoarding is tough to deal with. But the good news is they can recover. If someone you love is struggling with hoarding, knowing what to do can be a challenge. Since many hoarders live in isolation, you may not recognize the problem until it has […]

Hoarders Cleanup: What’s the Best Way to Help a Hoarder?

The best way to help a hoarder is to try to understand them. Always get professional help when confronting a hoarder. Helping a hoarder clean is about patience and understanding. The more you can learn about hoarding disorder, the more likely you can help your loved one recover. Hoarding is a problem that affects millions […]

Hoarder House Cleaning: How To Get Started

The best way to start cleaning a hoarder’s house is not by throwing things away. Here’s what you really need to do. It can be tough to know how to start cleaning a hoarder’s house if you’ve never done it before. At first glance, the clutter can overwhelm you. You may want to just throw […]

What Are the Signs of Compulsive Hoarding?

Being a compulsive hoarder is not the same as being messy. Knowing the signs could help you make a big difference in somebody’s life. You may not notice the signs of compulsive hoarding right away. That’s because most people don’t realize someone they know is struggling with hoarding until things spiral out of control. Most […]

What Mental Illness Causes Hoarding?

Hoarding is a mental illness that causes people to accumulate large amounts of items that they don’t need and can’t use. Hoarding is a complex issue. In most cases, hoarding is a mental illness on its own. But in many cases, it’s actually caused by other conditions, including depression and anxiety disorders such as obsessive-compulsive […]

Is Hoarding a Form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

Hoarding and obsessive-compulsive disorder are linked. But are they the same? Let’s discuss all that and more. You may think hoarding is a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) if you’ve never dealt with it before. But there is a lot more to it than that. Hoarding Disorder is a common condition. People of all ages […]

Can You Recover from Being a Hoarder?

You can recover from hoarding. It just takes time, patience, and professional help. Hoarders can recover from their symptoms and go on to lead healthy lives over time. If you want to help a hoarder reclaim their life, the key is not to give up. You need to be a consistent support system and do […]

Is Compulsive Hoarding A Mental Illness?

Hoarding is a complex disorder that causes people to compulsively collect things. It’s a deep psychological issue. Once you’ve seen compulsive hoarding up close, it’s natural to wonder whether or not it is a mental illness. Your psychological health does contribute to hoarding behaviors in more ways than one. Hoarding itself can also have a […]

Hoarding vs. Clutter. What’s the Difference?

Hoarding and clutter are not the same. But what is the difference between them? We’ll help you tell them apart! Knowing the difference between hoarding and clutter can help you identify a problem before it spirals out of control. Your loved one may be developing a hoarding disorder without you realizing it. Or they could […]

What Causes Hoarding: A Closer Look to Hoarding Disorder

Hoarding is a serious problem. But before you can attempt to solve it, you should make an effort to understand its underlying factors. Hoarding can have a severe impact on your life, even if you’re not a hoarder. The effects can be devastating. It can destroy your home, your relationships, and your sanity. Unfortunately, dealing […]