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Compulsive Collectors

Having a hobby can be therapeutic for many people, but it also has the potential to create even more problems.  A compulsive collector has crossed the fine line between collecting as a passion and compulsive hoarding of unique items.  If your pastime has become something that consumes all of your time–and money and space–you may be a compulsive collector.

Main Characteristics

Like shopping hoarders, it is common for compulsive collectors to fill their homes with purchases made on a whim.  With the latter case, however, there is a more specific purpose in mind since the collecting is done to acquire a specialty item, such as stamps, art, or video games.  What begins as a harmless activity turns into a consuming disorder in which the joy of the hobby gets lost in the act of collecting and in the unmanageable size of the collection.


Compulsive collecting may be a way to escape back to the “good old days.”  In such instances, there might be a more serious underlying condition as the irresistible urge to buy masks an inability to come to terms with some aspect of your life. While it is vital to appreciate the past, it is also devastating to ignore the future, especially when material objects start to take the place of important people in your life. We know how important your collection is to you–it’s your passion, an extension of what you value in life. You fear that getting rid of it would be a devastating move when you consider the value of those items and the time you put into collecting them.

Our solution for Compulsive Collectors

In our method, the dumpster is a last resort, not a go-to plan. We can help you sort through and organize your collection so we can reduce it to a more manageable size. It is likely you have a lot more than you can actually enjoy, and that your collection is full of redundancies we can assist you in eliminating, allowing those prized pieces to shine. You will find that you can appreciate your possessions more you once can display them for others to see and provide them with the proper care. As for the items you decide not to keep, we can photograph them and set them up on online sites like eBay — or “niche” sites that specialize in that particular collection — so you can sell them for top dollar.