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Compulsive Shoppers

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Compulsive Shoppers

The term “shopaholic” is often taken in jest, but for many people, it’s no laughing matter. Compulsive shopping is an expensive, time-consuming, and space-eating behavior, but it can also be a difficult one to break.Compulsive buying is an easy trap to fall into, which helps explain its prevalence in today’s society. Scientific findings have shown similar cognitive behavior among individuals with shopping and drug addictions; shopping activates the same areas of the brain as do certain drugs, so many people turn to it as an escape from depression and other problems.

Main Characteristics

If you are a compulsive shopper–which includes shopping for others–you frequently buy for the sake of buying, though you rarely find that you have a need for many of your purchases.  You probably have a tendency to stockpile rooms with clothes, shoes, antiques, and various other items. Some compulsive shoppers limit themselves to bargain hunting, buying items simply because they are cheap, or collecting “freebies” and other giveaways they have little or no practical use. Others tend to splurge on designer clothing and expensive jewelry.  Often, they will purchase multiple copies of the same item, wearing them only once or twice before putting the rest in storage — or buying them for others, and waiting forever for the perfect gifting occasion.


Credit cards and online shopping make it easy to feed this disorder.  Yet far from deriving a sense of control from such habits, it is all too common to end up buried under a mountain of debt and piles of unused objects. Purging your closet of clothes and items you never use or wear is necessary every so often; but as a compulsive shopper, you probably dread the thought of spring cleaning. Maybe you feel like all those belongings should serve some sort of purpose. You may have intended for them to be gifts for friends and family, or would simply like to get some use out of your brand-new purchases.

Our solution for Compulsive Shoppers

Hoarders 911 can do more than simply get rid of the items you don’t want or need. We can sort through all of your belongings and organize what you want to keep so you’ll never again have to worry about overstuffed wardrobes and stockpiled rooms.

Where appropriate, we’ll wrap and distribute gifts to their recipients, donate undesired items, and even photograph and help you sell your belongings online on sites like eBay and Amazon. We pioneered a 100% effective 7 Step Solution to restore every hoarder’s home, so that when we are done, it will be like stepping into a brand new home.

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The Hoarders 911 team is trained to handle every situation with compassion and the utmost delicacy. We’re here to restore your life, not wrest it from you.

We never make a decision about any of your belongings without asking permission first. We remain conscious of the wishes of the client during every step of the process. 

When we have finished, you will be confident enough to open your home to guests—perhaps for the first time in years—and the sense of relief will be liberating. Let us assuage your fears by helping you see past the initial shock. You have already overcome the first and highest hurdle by your decision to seek help; as for the rest, we’ll take it from here.

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With nearly 3 decades of experience, we pioneered a 100% effective, 7-Step Hoarding Solution, customised to each client.

Step 2 - Clutter Cleanup & Rubbish Removal
We sort through salvageable items, declutter, and offer a highly discreet method to remove clutter and junk that you wish to get rid of.
Step 3 - Home Organization
Our professional organizers will help you find a home for each of your items so that everything is neatly displayed.
Step 4 - Pest Extermination & Treatment
Since hoarders are usually pest prone, our exterminators are equipped to perform treatment after all the clutter is gone.
Step 5 - Paint, Repair, and Handy Services
We offer repairs, can add a fresh coat of paint, build storage units, and provide a full range of handy services.
Step 6 - Restoration & Construction
We provide restoration and construction solutions for those homes with structural damage, or for a fresh new look.