Controlling Bed Bug Infestations in a Hoarder Situation

Hoarding and pest control often go together. Here’s what to do about it.

There is no better place for bed bugs to hide than inside the clutter of a hoarder’s home.

Here, they can remain close to their host – undetected as the infestation grows. 

Bed bug infestations can spiral out of control in these types of situations. They can make cleaning a hoarder’s home much more complicated. 

The consequences of hoarding and bed bugs can be devastating. 

You need to have the right plan if you are going to be able to help. Things can get really complicated if you don’t know what you are doing.

Taking the proper precautions is the best way to ensure a healthy recovery. Make sure you follow the steps needed to control bed bugs in a hoarder’s home the right way.

A Hoarding Disorder Can Lead to Colossal Bed Bug Infestations. Here’s How:

It is so easy to bring bed bugs home with you without realizing. This is one of the most common ways that most people get infested.

Hoarders tend to compulsively collect things. They may be totally unaware that the new belongings they acquired are ridden with blood-sucking pests.

Hoarders also struggle to make healthy decisions. If they know something has bed bugs in it, that might not stop them from taking it.

There is a much higher risk if the person hoarding brings home items found in the trash.

Compulsive shoppers might get bed bugs from a purchase at a poorly maintained thrift store. Garage sales are another likely place for hoarders to find bed bugs.

All it takes is one bed bug to infiltrate the home. Before you know it, a full-blown infestation can grow before your very eyes.

It can be even worse for hoarders.

A hoarder’s home is typically jam-packed with stuff. That gives bed bugs plenty of places to hide while they multiply. With so much clutter, bed bugs can go unnoticed for weeks, or even months.

There might be a flourishing colony before they are discovered. 

Some hoarders might be so used to living in squalor that they will tolerate being a host for bed bugs rather than give up their collection. Others might be too ashamed to ask for help.

Either way, it is very easy for a hoarder to get bed bugs at home. 

To get rid of them is much more difficult.

What Potential Damage Do Bed Bugs Inflict On A Hoarder's House?

Some pests can cause structural damage to your home. But not bed bugs. Regardless, getting infested with them is a big risk.

There can be huge consequences for a hoarder who gets infested with these terrible pests.

Bed bugs can cost you your sanity. The fear of being eaten alive by bed bugs may keep you up at night. You may suffer from intense anxiety, insomnia, flashbacks, and nightmares.

Hoarders have poor mental health. Anything that negatively impacts them can take the situation from bad to worse.

 If they are pushed too far, hoarders might be triggered to compulsively collect. Or, they can go into isolation and allow the infestation to escalate.

Your physical health is also a concern. Some bed bug sprays use toxic chemicals. A hoarder’s home may not be well-ventilated. This can be a serious problem if not handled with care.

Injuries from falling come with the territory of hoarding. Generally, the clutter in these homes makes them unsafe to navigate normally.

You are much more likely to get injured during a bed bug extermination in a hoarding situation.

A bed bug infestation can also hurt you financially, too. The consequences go far beyond the price of extermination.

People know that bed bugs are incredibly difficult to eliminate.The fear of dealing with a bed bug resurgence may deter future buyers. Knowledge of the infestation can significantly decrease the selling value of your home. 

Replacing property that has been taken over by bed bugs also gets very expensive.

Bed bugs can deeply implant themselves into your mattress, furniture, and other items. If this is severe enough, you will have to throw things away.

For hoarders, the psychological pressure of discarding their personal belongings can be too much. If not handled with care, this can really complicate the extermination process.

How to Control Bed Bug Infestations in a Hoarder Situation

1. Learn about hoarding disorder. Remember, this is not a regular bed bug infestation. When hoarding and bed bugs overlap, there is a lot more to handle. You need to know the correct approach. 

2. Assess the situation. Don’t touch anything until you know the big picture. Determine how extreme the hoarding situation is, and do a full bed bug inspection. You want to identify all bed bug hiding spots beforehand, so there are no surprises later.

3. Set goals. Removing pests from a hoarder home can take a while. Make sure you are clear on the steps you are going to take so that you can track your progress.

4. Develop a plan. Decide how you will achieve your goals step by step. Sticking to a plan lessens the likelihood you will get overwhelmed during the bed bug treatment.

5. Gather supplies. Get everything you need before you start. Create a list of items that you will need and make sure to stock up. You don’t want to get interrupted to pick up more supplies in the middle of an extermination.

Professional cleaners washing floor and wiping dust from the furniture in the living room of the apartment. Cleaning service concept

6. Create a workspace. Choose somewhere, like a backyard or a garbage, that you can use to sort through things during the treatment. Set this up before you spray.

7. Prime the home. If you want to get lasting results, you need to prepare for bed bug extermination. You want to remove all clutter and eliminate hiding places. It might be too difficult for your loved one to throw things away at this stage. But, you should at least get everything you can into clear plastic bags. 

8. Identify items you can’t salvage. This is going to be tough, but some things might need to be discarded. Prepare to help your loved one through the difficult steps of letting go of their bed bug-infested belongings. 

9. Apply treatment. Perform a thorough bed bug extermination in each room of the house. Take your time and make sure every inch of the home is covered.

10. Follow up as necessary. Controlling bed bugs in a hoarder’s home is a complicated process. It can take a long time to see results. Make sure you see things through to the end.


When You Should Consider Professional Intervention

Recovering a home from hoarding is a big job. So is a bed bug extermination. Trying to take it all on by yourself might be too much. You don’t want to end up burning out and winding up back at the beginning.

It’s okay to ask for help.

Hoarding is a complicated mental health issue. A professional who is properly trained in how to handle these tough situations is your best bet for success. They can help you resolve any of the unexpected issues that can arise during the extermination. 

If the hoarding has led to an extreme infestation problem, working with a professional might be the only solution. 

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