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Information Hoarders

An information hoarder isn’t quite the same as a knowledge hog–although your thirst for learning may have given your collection its start. Information hoarding covers a range of printed media. Bibliomania, or book hoarding, is the general term that describes the tendency to collect vast numbers of printed material, but it can apply to anything information-related, including tax receipts, calendars, recipes, old video tapes, and greeting cards. Another route to becoming an information hoarder is by having difficulty letting go of past details.

Main Characteristics

If your occupation causes you to be around information constantly, such as in the case of professors and researchers, it is possible to accrue resources to the point where it becomes an obsession.  Textbooks, educational videos, and periodicals are highly valued by these individuals, yet the extent to which they collect these sources of information often exceeds what they could digest in a lifetime. The vast majority of these items will never be used again, but to the information hoarder, having a source to turn to for every possible discrepancy may seem very important.


Having too much information in your house is problematic not simply because of lack of storage space, which is itself a common issue.  The sheer amount of material can actually bring real progress in learning to a halt and render all records impossible to access. You may fear that you will one day need an item that serves a very limited purpose, such as an old to-do list, and find yourself saving an inordinate amount of printed materials.  The thought of not having a piece of information at your disposal when you need it causes you to throw very little away.  


Our solution for Information Hoarders

Sorting through all the information you’ve compiled may seem like an impossible task. We can help information hoarders sift through their compilation of material so they can decide what they want to hang onto and what needs to be disposed of. For items you wish to get rid of, we will bring in a commercial-grade shredder, and anything that doesn’t have any value as a hard copy (such as old documents and bills) we can scan and save as a disk or on the hard drive of your computer. We can donate books, magazines, and bring you a receipt for tax credit. We pioneered a 100% effective, 7-Step solution, which we customize to each individual hoarder based on their hoarding condition.

We never make a decision about any of your belongings without asking permission first. We remain conscious of the wishes of the client during every step of the process. 

When we have finished, you will be confident enough to open your home to guests—perhaps for the first time in years—and the sense of relief will be liberating. Let us assuage your fears by helping you see past the initial shock. You have already overcome the first and highest hurdle by your decision to seek help; as for the rest, we’ll take it from here.