Recycling Hoarders

Recycling Hoarders

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Recycling Hoarders

Recycling is a great way to make a positive contribution to society, but even such a noble enterprise can escalate into disaster when it turns into an obsession, such as for recycling hoarders.  In fact, hoarding recyclables not only prevents them from being reused, but it causes major problems for the recycle hoarder. When your house is so full of recyclables that you can hardly remember life before you began your collection, getting rid of them may sound like a foreign concept. You may believe your habits have a purpose, but the sheer amount of material has caused your goals to get out of hand.

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Have you ever planned on sending your recyclables to a plant, only to have massive piles of plastic bottles, old cardboard boxes, and aluminum cans accumulate in your house?  As a recycle hoarder, you may have had the intention of turning in your recycle for cash or simply making an environmentally conscious decision.  Over time, however, because of the sheer quantity of recyclables collected, sorting through and transporting them to a facility becomes a practical impossibility.


Since recyclables don’t decompose like garbage, and as recycling is an encouraged practice nowadays, those old newspapers and plastic bottles around the house might not seem like a serious issue. Nevertheless, if nothing is done to remove them from the premises, they can eventually pose many of the same health hazards as trash hoarding; as such, this condition must be treated as soon as possible to prevent the problem getting worse. By now, you probably feel as though there is no end in sight, and the possibility of leading a normal life has been buried somewhere under piles of goods you never sent to be recycled. Fortunately, the situation is less severe than you probably think.

Our solution for Recycling Hoarders

Once you see how easily your home can be transformed, you will be able to look at recycling as a beneficial habit rather than a compulsive one, and one you choose rather than feel compelled to do. Within a short period of time, our highly efficient yet discreet methods will declutter, disinfect, and deodorize every square inch of your property; we’ll even organize your recycled items so it can be sent to the appropriate recycling facilities. Our commercial-grade air purifier eliminates 99% of odor-causing molecules that cause odors, so when we’re done, it will be like stepping into a brand new home.

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The Hoarders 911 team is trained to handle every situation with compassion and the utmost delicacy. We’re here to restore your life, not wrest it from you.

We never make a decision about any of your belongings without asking permission first. We remain conscious of the wishes of the client during every step of the process. 

When we have finished, you will be confident enough to open your home to guests—perhaps for the first time in years—and the sense of relief will be liberating. Let us assuage your fears by helping you see past the initial shock. You have already overcome the first and highest hurdle by your decision to seek help; as for the rest, we’ll take it from here.

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We pioneered a 100% effective, 7-Step hoarders cleaning program that is customized to the needs of each client.

Step 2 - Clutter Cleanup & Rubbish Removal
We sort through clutter and help you choose which items to keep. We use discreet rubbish removal methods for junk you wish to dispose of.
Step 3 - Home Organization
Our home organizers create solutions to organize all of your belongings, so that every item of yours has a home.
Step 4 - Pest Extermination & Treatment
After the home is decluttered, our exterminators can begin extermination and treatment for pests, rodents, and insects.
Step 5 - Paint, Repair, and Handy Services
We offer handyman/woman services for minor damages in the home. We can also add a new layer of fresh paint.
Step 6 - Restoration & Construction
In the 6th step, we provide renovation and construction services for homes with structural damage as a result of hoarding.
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