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What we offer

Unique plan of action

The methods and techniques in our 7 Step Process allow us to have a comprehensive approach to packing services and clutter removal. No matter what your home needs, Hoarders 911 has a solution.

Clutter removal

Our discreet clutter removal and packing services will make your home look and feel brand new. Let us help you get organized, and get rid of your unwanted items without the stress. The Hoarders 911 team can do it all.

Heavy Duty Cleaning

After the clutter has been packed up and hauled away, we will deep clean every inch of your home to make it sparkle and shine once again. No clutter cleanup is complete without a heavy duty cleaning.

Pest Extermination

We provide pest extermination services including for: roaches, bed bug extermination, rodent control, termites, and all other pest control services. Should you need assistance, exterminators are available 24/7!

Odor removal

Once everything is organized and squeaky clean, our team of highly trained professionals will sanitize and disinfect the area, removing any unpleasant odors from the home, making it feel as clean as it looks!

We are also specialized in:

Carpet cleaning

Junk removal 24/7



Handy man services

Professional organisers

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We arrive in unmarked cars and without uniforms to protect the privacy of our clients from their neighbors.

There is NO mess we haven't seen

With nearly 3 decades of experience, we have seen it all! There is no need to shy away from your mess with us.

Experienced & trained professionals

Our team is carefully selected, rigorously trained, and have many years of experience. Client satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Our Packing Services for Hoarders

For almost 3 decades, Hoarders911 Clutter Cleaning has been the leading heavy duty cleaning company in New York. To document our comprehensive work and expertise, we made a short documentary video of one home uncluttering project. Watch to get to know how we work.

Before After

Our Projects

We are really proud of our projects because we know they have changed people’s lives. Every client has a unique situation, therefore our projects are never the same. The only thing that stays the same is our respect for you and your home. 

Check our Projects and see some inspiring before and after pictures.

The 7-Step Solution that we pioneered encompasses methods of cleaning and restoration for any and every need. By being prepared to address all challenges that a home may face, we are able to custom-tailor a unique service for your exact specifications. Our heavy duty cleaning method can effectively  recover a home from hoarding and other extreme cleanup situations.

Step-2 Clutter Cleanup & Junk Removal
Our team will work with you directly to help get you organized and clean out clutter. By doing this in the beginning, we maximize our ability to sanitize and restore your home. We will never make a decision about your personal belongings without you. Once all the clutter has been sorted through, the Hoarders 911 trained professionals will pack up your unwanted items and discreetly remove them from your home.
Step-3 Professional Organization
After the junk removal process, we will ensure that any items that you decided to keep will be given a permanent place in your home. This step reduces the likelihood of clutter developing in the future, and helps to restore functionality to your home.
Step-4 Pest Extermination
Should any unwanted pests such as bed bugs be discovered during the clutter removal, our extermination team will work swiftly to ensure the pest situation is mitigated before moving forward with the restoration.
Step-5 Paint, Repair, and Handyman Services
Often during a heavy duty cleanup, it is ideal to freshen up the home. We come prepared to execute minor repairs such as patching up holes left by wear and tear and providing a fresh coat of paint to make your home look good as new.
Step-6 Restoration and Constructions
If your home has sustained more severe structural damage, our experts will work with you to create a more in-depth solution to restore your home and leave lasting results.


Discreet Junk Removal Service

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Our Packing Services For Hoarders

Hoarders 911 offers packing services to hoarders who might have been threatened eviction, or otherwise need assistance moving. Our hoarding cleanout is the perfect solution for anyone with a large accumulation of personal items who need to move out of their home quickly. During a move, every single item in the home must be packed up, and many things might be discarded altogether. Because hoarders and compulsive collectors have disposophobia, or fear of disposing, and suffer extreme anxiety at the thought of doing away with any of their possessions, this can seem like a very daunting task – especially if facing eviction. We are here to help and are not here to judge you.

The clutter removal crew at Hoarders 911 will help you pack up and move, and are expert professional organizers. A hoarding clean out is the best option when packing and moving a high volume of stuff. The professional organizers at Hoarders 911 will help sort through items during a move, and even place valuable items for sale online, as part of our packing services. We never throw away anything without permission, and respect the needs and wishes of the client at all times.  Our professional heavy duty cleaning service is available to the New York City metropolitan area. We also provide clutter cleaning services in New Jersey and parts of Connecticut. 

Letting go of the old and starting new is one of the greatest benefits of moving, and the Hoarders 911 packing services for hoarders can help achieve that reality. People who suffer from hoarding disorders and disposophobia are often isolated out of fear of having guests in their homes, but after our hoarding cleanout and moving assistance, our clients will once again be able to invite guests over for the holidays, and live a happy, healthy, clutter-free life. Our expert professional organizers are rigorously trained to provide unparalleled packing services. For more information about our moving company services for hoarders please call us or fill out the form.

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