5 Signs Of Hoarding Disorder

Individuals with hoarding disorder exhibit a compulsive tendency to amass and tightly hold onto personal possessions. This extensive accumulation frequently reaches a level where their living spaces are overwhelmed. Within a hoarder’s collection, numerous items may be damaged, dirty, or rendered unusable. Despite the lack of functionality in these accumulated items, hoarders encounter significant challenges […]

When and How to Stage a Hoarding Intervention

Hoarding disorder is a serious health issue, not just for the hoarder, but for their friends, families, and communities. About 4-14% of Americans are diagnosed as hoarders, with factors being either genetic or a result of learned behavior. Although it can develop at any age, hoarding tends to manifest most in older adults, around the ages of […]

How to Convince Your Loved Ones Who Hoard to Get Rid of Stuff

Sometimes a deep cleaning can help reinvigorate a home. It feels great to downsize, and reorganize the home for a fresh start. However, people with the condition known as hoarding disorder do not enjoy the same revitalizing feeling from clutter cleaning  and organizing as the average person. Instead, the feelings of extreme anxiety at the […]

How to Help a Hoarder Move into a New Home

Helping a hoarder move requires a delicate touch and strong planning skills. With the proper preparations and understanding, an overwhelming hoarding cleanup can become a cathartic life transformation. Our heavy duty cleaning experts work to help hoarders reclaim their lives from hazardous compulsive collecting habits every day. Helping our clients understand the challenges they might […]

Cleaning a Hoarder’s House: Step-by-Step Guide

Helping a hoarder clean their home is a big job, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Create a step-by-step plan for your hoarding cleanup and be ready for anything. Things to remember before doing hoarding clean up It’s important to assess the situation before running in there and throwing everything away. Hoarding disorder is not as […]