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Trash Hoarders

Do you see a treasure chest in what others might call an ordinary heap of garbage? Is “taking out the trash” a chore you rarely perform? Is your house full of objects of no real personal value, yet that you can’t bring yourself to throw them away? You may have a condition known as syllogomania, more commonly known as trash hoarding. In a way, you may feel as though you’ve given up. It might be that health issues have made you immobile and unable to keep up with chores.  Perhaps recent hardships or depression have put you behind and you lost the drive to maintain a clean house, and what began as a down period in your life spiraled out of control. You’re not alone.

Main Characteristics

As the name suggests, trash hoarders have a compulsion to hold on to garbage rather than send it to the dumpster. The trash you keep in your home may be your own, or you may have the habit of picking up discarded items in the streets or in landfills. Empty bottles, cat litter, packaging material, tin cans, plastic bags, broken furniture, and even perishable goods build up over time in the home, causing serious implications. With this variety of hoarding disorder, it’s not uncommon to find all the floor space in a house overwhelmed under feet of garbage, doors blockaded by objects, and the owners literally walled in by rubbish. This sort of lifestyle often forces individuals to hide themselves away from visitors and live lives of solitude, as studies from the UCLA School of Medicine have shown.


The physical implications of such behavior can be equally drastic as the garbage can restrict access to several rooms and utilities throughout your house.  In the most extreme cases, your living space becomes an invitation for rodents, insects, and pests, to build their homes, presenting a serious health hazard. Even more frightening, it may be impossible to alert someone for help in the case of a fire, flood, or other emergency, placing you in imminent danger. When people reach the point where garbage has become the largest part of their existence, it can leave them feeling as though they’ve hit rock bottom and are beyond help.


Our solution for Trash Hoarders

What many trash hoarders do not realize is that their behavior is actually one of the easiest to correct. The cleaning process we can restore even homes that have most suffered from a trash hoarding problem. Within a short period of time, our highly efficient yet discreet methods will declutter, disinfect, and deodorize  every square inch of your property; we’ll even repair and repaint any damaged areas. Our commercial-grade air purifier eliminates 99% of odor-causing molecules that cause odors, so when we’re done, it will be like stepping into a brand new home.

We never make a decision about any of your belongings without asking permission first. We remain conscious of the wishes of the client during every step of the process. 

When we have finished, you will be confident enough to open your home to guests—perhaps for the first time in years—and the sense of relief will be liberating. Let us assuage your fears by helping you see past the initial shock. You have already overcome the first and highest hurdle by your decision to seek help; as for the rest, we’ll take it from here.