What To Do if Someone You Love is Struggling with Hoarding

Knowing your friend or family member has a problem with hoarding is tough to deal with. But the good news is they can recover.

If someone you love is struggling with hoarding, knowing what to do can be a challenge.

Since many hoarders live in isolation, you may not recognize the problem until it has gotten extreme. Try not to panic. Getting frustrated or overwhelmed will only make matters worse.

When trying to help a hoarder recover, it’s important to keep calm. You need to be able to think clearly so you can figure out the best way to approach things.


Hoarding is a mental health issue, not a character flaw.

Take the time you need to understand what’s happening. Confronting your loved one when you’re feeling shocked or angry can cause them unnecessary distress and trigger more hoarding. Avoid being judgemental and express your concerns as gently as possible.

Your loved one is struggling with a complex disorder. They are not just lazy or bad at cleaning.

Hoarding can be caused by trauma and a variety of other serious mental illnesses. The person may not even be aware of their condition.


Offer Support, Not Ultimatums.

It’s crucial that you exercise patience before you confront your loved one and throughout the hoarding cleaning process. Keep your emotions in check and remember to be supportive.

Do not threaten to throw anything away unless you have their permission.

Instead, try to encourage them to make healthier decisions about their belongings so you can tackle the issue together.

Keep in mind that everyone has different experiences and hoarders are no different. Your loved one situation is unique, and it will take you time to determine your next steps.


Let Go of your Fear – Panic and Anger Don’t Get Things Done

It can be difficult to discover that your loved one is struggling with a hoarding disorder. You might feel angry and frustrated, as well as scared, hopeless, and disempowered.

But you need to maintain a good attitude if you want to help your loved one recover.

Create a plan that will help you manage the cleanup and ensure lasting results.

Helping a Hoarder Recover

It can be hard to watch someone struggle with their clutter when you just want to see them get better. But helping a hoarder recover is about a lot more than just organizing the home.

The first step towards supporting your loved one’s recovery efforts is to get help.

Approaching the situation on your own may do more harm than good. Without the proper training, you won’t know what to do when facing unexpected challenges.

Cleaning a hoarder’s home can expose you to a lot of things you don’t normally deal with.

On one hand, you’ll have to learn how to help your loved one manage their stress. On the other, you could be up against health hazards that you’re not equipped to deal with.

When a hoarder’s home is packed to the rafters with stuff, you could have a serious problem on your hands. The home may be crawling with pests, or mold, or not even be safe to enter at all.

The team at Hoarders911 has the skills and experience necessary to get you through all of this.

We will help you clean up the home without compromising your safety or mental health.

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